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Harvest Newsletter - End of Life.

A while back, I invited folks to sign up for a monthly newsletter I intended to write. It was going to have thoughts and parallels to the life cycles of farming, and I had big dreams for it.

The problem is, when I started, I was excited about the idea (several, really) I had, and off to the races I went. I am still determining if I lost steam or if reality came and presented itself as a greater force, but here we are. It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to spend any time thinking about this endeavor.

I sent the last message after a short hiatus, after listening to the Mars Hill podcast. During the few months after listening, I realized I needed to do more internal work. Since then, I have started counseling. And while I am in a great place now, I am not in the position to offer the original intention I had for the newsletter.

Every time I sat down to try to write something to send out, it was coming from a place of either hurt, deficit, or insecurity.

I would write something I needed to hear rather than something that needed to be said.

Sometimes these can both be true, but in these cases, they were not. So to those that initially signed up, thanks for saying yes without much to go on. Right now, I am still trying to collect more questions than answers. Here’s to listening instead of talking.