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Proof of Youth, The Go! Team


Years ago, we started this short-lived thing with the Langs. One of us would pick an album and the other three would listen in our free time and the next time we got together we would discuss our thoughts on the album. Jeff and I were a bit too serious and took notes. I recently ran across them; thought I would post them here for you to enjoy.

Now, on to Rebecca’s first pick:

Proof of Youth, The Go! Team

Proof of Youth, The Go! Team

  1. Grip Like a Vice — I like the brass section. Major keys, poppy and happy. The guitar goes back and forth from clean to dirty. I hear a slight Asian flair.
  2. Doing it Right — Sounds like there is a sampled trumpet run. Again, poppy and fun. Production on this song seems a little muddied. Vocals could be more upfront.
  3. My World — Big shift, acoustic guitar, then some kind of synth. Chill song, a mixture of 70s psychedelic rock and folk.
  4. Titanic Vandalism — Makes me think of Beastie Boys. The hook is upfront and catchy. I like the end!
  5. Fake ID — Strait up baseline from the Misfits. The lyrics on this track are deeper than I can make sense.
  6. Universal Speech — I can’t follow the lyrics and I have them right in front of me. More of the same, I like it for the most part.
  7. Keys to the City — This track has a bit of a slower cadence or breakdown to it. A little less energy, but still poppy.
  8. The Wrath of Marcie — Opening sounds like a TV show theme song.
  9. I Never Needed It Now So Much — My least favorite track. Not happy, no hook. Kinda like a shitty Billy Joel song. However, lyrically, it is the best; heartfelt, emotional and seems as though it means something to someone. This song has a sound like the old In Search of… With Leonard Nimoy effect in it.
  10. Flashlight Fight — First male voice; powerful. I like it. Lyrics call for a higher value system. Positive. Favorite track. The hook is a little more complex, and harder to hear, definitely there. 💯 Top Track™ of the album.
  11. Patricia’s Moving Picture — Cool guitar riff, in the opening. The In Search of Sound is there again. I like that they ended the album with an instrumental. It is a great summary song, musically.


I like the production of the drums. Sounds garage-band-ish. Most songs seem to be a chorus on repeat sometimes with a bridge somewhere thrown in. The vocals are muddled and brash, a little difficult to make out. I like the addition of the brass instruments. I dig the album art. The old-school cut-and-paste reminds me of my first graphic communications class. It reflects the music well; frantic, skittish, handmade and unpolished.

Overall rating; B-

I would listen to it again, and enjoy it. Not sure how quickly I would tired of it, as the hooks are easy and likable right away, which tend to get monotonous to me. But I will revisit. I added it to my Library!

Featured Photo by Photo by blocks on Unsplash.