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The Weightless Space Podcast

For the ex-evangelical, and the spiritually fatigued.

Hello, my name is Robert Johnson, and along with my wife Lindsay, we are delighted you are here.

Lindsay and I spent years in evangelical Christianity, and we have recently decided to share our stories and experiences of shedding the weight of religion.

Hopefully, we will find a community of like-minded folks as part of this process.

If you have a moment, and the idea of probing conversations about spiritual deconstruction and other topics intrigues you, we invite you to check out The Weightless Space Podcast.

And if and when you are ready, please check out our community forums here: The Weightless Space Community

The Weightless Space

I'm Robert.
Nice to meet you.

I am a compassionate technologist specializing in creating secure, cloud-based solutions. At night, I play board games. My specialties are Google Cloud, risk/compliance, and DevSecOps. I have worked with technology systems for over 20 years.

However, my passion is community. I love creating spaces where people connect, love and grow as fellow human beings.

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