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Robert Johnson's

Online emporium of oddities.

Blogging about board games and occasional updates on various projects. Send an Email

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A regular newsletter to your inbox inviting you to pause and ponder the cycles of life.

The Harvest Newsletter features bits of history, quotes, observations and reflections, at regular intervals in order to help you find rhythm with the world you live in. Details

Stanley Gaming Guild

A group of gamers that gather around Longwood, FL.

We play on alternate Fridays, usually we start with a lighter game, then move onto something a bit heavier. We chat online using Discord in between gaming sessions. Details

I’m Robert.
Nice to meet you.

I work at one of the Big Four, specializing in cloud security. At night, I play board games.

My specialties are Google Cloud, risk/compliance, and DevSecOps. I have worked with technology systems for over 20 years. However, my passion is community. I love creating spaces where people connect, love and grow as fellow human beings.

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